Some cool stock exchange investing images:

New York Stock Exchange
stock exchange investing

Image by danielfoster437
The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street flying an American flag. I never realized how difficult this location is to photograph until I got there. Very narrow streets and security fences make photographing the New York Stock Exchange especially difficult.

Second Life Stock Exchange Investment
stock exchange investing

Image by TaranRampersad
Inworld shirt available SLExchange for free – and on Zazzle you can get the real shirt that you you modify before you buy.

Wall Street Historic District Panorama
stock exchange investing

Image by epicharmus
A panorama composed of 21 separate photos, all taken on the steps of the Federal Hall National Memorial. Also visible is the J. P. Morgan & Co. Building (left) and the New York Stock Exchange (right).

I say a little more about them on my NYC landmarks blog–links to specific blog entries are below.

National Register Numbers
Federal Hall National Memorial: 66000095
J. P. Morgan & Co. Building: 72000874
New York Stock Exchange: 78001877
Wall Street Historic District: 07000063