China Shares Gain as Investors Seek Safety in Blue Chips
While the ChiNext Index, a gauge of the startup market at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, has risen 9.9% over the same period and is up roughly 10% this year, that compares with an 83% surge last year, when the Shanghai Composite fell 6.8%.
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'Smart money' hedge funds flunk performance test
Hedge funds, of course, are known for their high fee structure. The typical hedge … Instead, hedge funds are viewed as a way to hedge market risk by investing in assets that are not necessarily correlated to the performance of the stock market. Still …
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Everyday investors fail to understand what sways stock market
Marc Faber appeared on TV predicting a 20 percent stock market crash within the next six months, repeating a call he has made biweekly since the Carter administration. Another pundit explained that his last failed prediction would have been right if …